This is the graphic and motion design portfolio website for Jamie Peterson. I evaluate critically the opportunity and leverage the appropriate skill, tool, trick, asset, technique or force necessary to communicate messages through my design. I am driven to succeed use any and every means to create a mix between memorable storytelling and dazzling visual achievements. I currently freelance and am available for short and long term work.


My Portfolio PDF, references and resume are available upon request. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or just to say hi. Also please stop by my blog.


Jamie Peterson



MelonFresh.tv Demo // Summer 2008

This is the Summer 2008 demo reel. A majority of the work included was done during my time at Vancouver Film School while studying in the Digital Design program. Also included are some of the work I had done while working as a freelance designer in Portland. Hope you enjoy!

Download QT version here.

Tsunami Infographic

This is a motion graphics piece that was created over a period of 8 weeks in collaboration with Erica Edwards and Shalinder Matharu. The roles I played in this project was animator, 2D asset designer, and concept developer.

QT Version

Title Sequence

Music video for "Leave Me Alone" by Apparat. Completed from finding the song to final render over 36 hours. Visuals on the left were entirely created by Shalinder Matharu while I provided the right side of the music video.

QT Version

Forge Gaming Commercial

A commercial created for the fictional Forge Gaming console created by Shalinder Matharu. The concept for the commercial was to be a teaser that would start to build interest and to instill the ideas of "freedom" and "revolution" with the Forge brand. For information on the branding side of Forge visit Shal's site.

QT Version

Title Sequence

This is a title sequence for a fictional documentary on the men who worked on the United States' nuclear defense program. The audio is part of a reading from a W.B. Yeats poem. The title of the documentary is inspired by a quote from Edward R. Murrow.

QT Version


Video short featuring Khafra Rudder. This was an assignment to use the green screen at school. The backdrop was created using a mix of grafiti and my own photography. I tried to expirement with audio keyframes to control effects.

QT Version

"Untitled Snow Project" Demo

This video is one of a few snowboard demo reels that I have edited the past few years. This one features Adam Fleck.

QT Version

"Meet the Deadline"

This project was my introduction into Flash coding. Deepak Nailwal and Timothy Clayton as a team decided for this project to try to tackle an issue close to us and that we were dealing with at the time; trying to balance the workload while at school and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

LEET Beer Brand Guide

I worked on this project with Yaniv Fridman, Ting Chung and Hyelim Kim. We were given the task of branding a new local beer for college students. I am happy that we were able to create a creative concept that we felt worked and was fun not only for the user but for us to work on.

"Milky Toy Packaging"

This is a package design for vinyl toys. I wanted to create a reusable package that you could possibly reseal and hang onto after you have taken out the toy and placed it on your desk or shelf. I decided to modify the playful milk carton shape to be closed by adding a tab to the template.


A self promotional poster that was created during the late concepting stages of my portfolio website.

Download higher resolution image here.

"Step Back Poster"

This poster was created out of my interest in optical illusions and playing with messages and being inspired by the work by Stefan Sagmeister. What seems like a very simple pattern when up close the message becomes visible when you step back.

Download PDF version here.

Portland Community College Multimedia Club

Portland Community College asked its faculty and students to design a logo for their newly formed Multimedia Club. This design was to be used for application on the club site, shirts and cards. The concept was to create something abstract due to the wide range of studies included in the Multimedia department. I tried to mix the sense of motion, creation, ink, and taking flight with the abstract birds coming out of the ink.

Coming Soon.